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Don't Try This At Home: Do It Yourself BOTOX


A website offers Dysport, an injectable similar to Botox, for at home use. The Do It Yourself (DIY) kit comes complete with two syringes and a vial of the medicine.

EDITOR'S NOTE: To the best of our knowledge this is illegal in the United States and several other countries, not to mention EXTREMELY dangerous. So do us a favor and DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

As recently reported on wired.com, a website called discountmedspa.com is selling vials of Dysport, a new wrinkle fighter that uses the same botulinum toxin as BOTOX. Just like Botox, Dysport is regulated and only available through a prescription. The site also sells "Freeze" which seems to do the same thing but doesn't readily offer any medical name for the product. It is also an injectable and has the same description as Dysport.

woman with a needle

How is it that this company is able to ship dangerous drugs to people without any prescription? It is illegal in the US to sell or purchase a prescription drug without a prescription. Perhaps they purchase the product in Mexico or Canada and simply ship it to the US, we just don't know. Wired.com says though that they contacted the FDA which had no comment except to ask for the website URL.

The kit comes with two saline filled syringes and a vial of the Dysport. There are also videos on Youtube that describe how to inject yourself.

Both Dysport and Botox carry a black-box label, meaning they have a risk of serious side effects. While the risk is low, there is concern that the toxin can spread and cause respiratory problems. See, those wrinkle causing forehead muscles aren't the only kind that the botulinum toxin can paralyze. It can also paralyze other organs such as the lungs. While no deaths have been attributed to real Botox as administered by a trained physician, several deaths have been attributed to the fake stuff.

The botulinum toxin is the most toxic substance known to man. It only takes a very small amount to kill a person. Botox is not pure toxin, it is a solution that contains a very small amount. Also, many doctors further dilute the solution with saline, however some have expressed concern that the saline may facilitate the distance spread of the toxin.

Botox and Dysport alike are dangerous chemicals and should only be injected by a trained physician. To do this yourself is foolish, illegal, and may win you a Darwin award if you're not careful.