Beauty Buzz: Aesthetic Trends for October 27, 2009


In just one word... the buzz today is ZERONA

  • Traffic and physician inquiries for the totally non-invasive, non-surgical fat busting procedure Zerona were up over 1,700% today... and we can't tell you why. A traffic spike of the volume we experienced typically requires a major media mention from a show like The Today Show, Good Morning America or Oprah; but this wasn't the case. z woman
  • Lots of buzz around town about Natural Breast Augmentation discussed at ASPS.
  • Dr. Oz mentioned hand rejuvenation using Sculptra on today's show


    1. ZERONA
    2. Laser Lipolysis
    3. SmartLipo
    4. Thermage
    5. Fractional Resurfacing


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    4. Leeza Gibbons Teams up for Zerona
    5. Cosmetic Surgery Results Without the Knife -- New Zerona Body-Contouring Treatment Available from Dr. Alan Bauman