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Laser Lipo - The New Liposuction Trend that is Setting the Standard


The term Laser Lipo encompasses several lipolysis procedures that melt fat prior to suctioning it out, making it easier to remove and therefore easier on the patient and the doctor.

Laser Lipo, short for laser lipolysis, refers to a group of liposuction procedures that use lasers to liquefy the fat in the treatment area to make it easier to remove. Typically, patients only need to undergo light sedation for laser lipo procedures, have less bruising and downtime than patients of traditional liposuction. There are several laser lipolysis technologies available.

laser lipo before and after

  • SmartLipo from Cynosure was the first procedure to really gain popularity and set itself as the gold standard for laser lipolysis. The tissue-specific laser is a significantly smaller instrument than traditional liposuction cannulas and can contour and reshape areas such as the abdomen, love handles, backs, thighs, hips, knees, arms, neck and chin.

  • Palomar's SlimLipo machine is similar in many ways to SmartLipo with one critical difference: the wavelengths used to melt the fat. SmartLipo utilizes 1064nm and 1320nm wavelengths. while SlimLipo uses 924nm and 975nm. Manufacturers of SlimLipo claim that the wavelengths they use target fat and dermal tissue, enabling a greater level of skin tightening.

  • Another method available is CoolLipo made by CoolTouch, Inc. This technology stands out because of a unique wavelength that allows it to directly compress collagen and tighten skin from the inside out. The skin tightening from CoolLipo continues for months after the procedure is done, so it just keeps getting better.

  • LipoLite from Syneron is another addition to the laser lipo field. LipoLite is popular for its capabilities in removing fat from small areas that traditional liposuction cannot.

  • Osyris's Lipotherme uses a very small cannula so the incision size is only 2mm, about the size of a couple grains of sand. Lipotherme's diode laser emits a continuous pulsed light beam, liquefying fat as it moves gently through the body.

  • SmoothLipo, manufactured by Eleme Medical, utilizes a 980 nm wavelength laser to target localized deposits of adipose tissue (fat), heating them to 45-55* C. At this temperature, the fat cells disintegrate and are then suctioned from the body. The heated tissue also contracts, giving the skin a smooth, tightened appearance.

  • ProLipo from Sciton uses a 1064-nm laser to zap away fat from those stubborn areas resistant to diet and exercise. It is ideal for fat removal from areas such as under the chin, on the neck, the abdomen, flanks, and buttocks. It has also proved useful on the upper arms and upper thighs.

  • Lutronic's Accusculpt is the first to use the 1444nm wavelength for accurate sculpting and fat removal. Much like the other laser lipo systems, recovery is quicker than with traditional lipo and there is the added benefit of skin tightening.

    Laser assisted lipolysis (LAL) opened the door for other technologies such as Vaser Liposelection, which is an ultrasound assisted lipolysis (UAL) system that breaks up the fat without melting it, using ultrasound technology.