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Face Facts - Permanent Makeup


Permanent makeup has increased greatly in popularity in the last few years. What is driving this booming market?

Over the past decade, permanent makeup, makeup that is applied by tattooing the face, has become increasingly popular. Unlike other types of tattooing, permanent cosmeticians utilize natural pigments, which have the tendency to fade over time and have been specially formulated for use on and around the face.

Permanent makeup has many advantages over traditional makeup products, perhaps the most obvious of which is saved time and energy. It usually requires only one application and you can rest assured that your makeup will look consistent day after day.

permanent makeup being applied

Several factors drive women to try permanent makeup. First, permanent cosmetics can be applied to anyone, irrespective of race or age. People who have problems with traditional makeup, such as those who are allergic to cosmetics, have very light eyelashes or eyebrows, possess poor eyesight and find application difficult, or individuals with arthritis do not need to worry about application and reapplication.

Some choose permanent makeup because of a strenuous or active lifestyle that causes makeup to run or smudge many times on a daily basis. Others are simply fashion-savvy and want their makeup to always look sharp and bright. An individual can also have a professional color-match the shades to their own body, or they can choose to pick out the colors that they feel best suit them. Convenience and quality are the mantras of the industry; as such, women are often naturally drawn to the procedure.

Permanent makeup also possesses an array of advantages over other cosmetic surgeries. The risk of an allergic reaction to permanent makeup is low, and application is less painful than tattooing due to anesthetics supplied beforehand. It is less invasive than dermal fillers or facelifts, and the effects generally last much longer.

Procedures vary in time from around one hour for eyeliner to two or three hours for full lip color. Unlike more invasive procedures, a wide variety of options are available to women interested in permanent cosmetics-for instance, an individual might choose to have the procedure applied to eyebrows, lips, or over beauty marks. Enhancement procedures can even allow for very natural-looking eyeliner and eyebrows to be applied.

Permanent makeup can also cover or camouflage scars, re-pigment areas of the skin affected by surgery or vitiligo, and reconstruct certain facial features following an accident. According to some doctors and patients, unlike some cosmetic surgeries, permanent makeup can look even more natural than traditional cosmetics.

Some individuals are drawn to permanent cosmetics because of the cost effectiveness of treatment. Many women will spend less on permanent makeup than they do on several years' worth of cosmetics, as procedure prices generally range from $300 - $700.

Permanent makeup is viewed by many as a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to makeup application. Its popularity has increased of late due to the growing number of doctors providing the service and the word-of-mouth provided by many women satisfied with their procedure.