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Thermage CPT Makes Comfortable Non Surgical Facelift Possible


Thermage's new CPT system makes its way onto the aesthetic field.

thermage before and after The Thermage CPT Face Tip with Vibrating handpiece has been released and is making its debut around the country. This technology differs from the original thanks to its new Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) which adds the following benefits:

  • Greater Skin Tightening Thanks to a new heating algorithm, the redesigned facial treatment tips are able to heat a greater amount of tissue to the target temperature and do so uniformly. Therefore, more tightening can be achieved in a quicker time. According to the manufacturer, clinical studies demonstrate that the Thermage CPT system heats four times more tissue to therapeutic temperatures than current technologies.

  • Increased Patient Comfort The new Thermage CPT system uses "Comfort Pulse Technology" and a vibrating hand piece to enhance effectiveness and improve patient comfort. According to the manufacturer, in a study of 40 patients who tried treatment both with and without the vibration, the patients preferred the vibrating hand piece every time. The new energy delivery algorithm mixes the pulsed radiofrequency delivery with cooling bursts which disrupt the brain's neural response and improve comfort during treatment. Further, the heat is now more concentrated directly into the tissue being treated, thereby reducing the spillage onto the edges of the tip, eliminating that "pinch" at the end of the energy pulse.

    Thermage is a non-invasive skin-tightening procedure with no downtime. It has been shown to tighten, contour, and rejuvenate the skin in a single treatment. Immediate results are visible and continue to improve for up to six months.

    Dr. Lisa Zdinak, Chief Surgeon and Medical Director of Precision Aesthetics in New York says, "I am so excited about this newest CPT technology with the vibrating handpiece! The skin tightening results are even more impressive than before, and the coolant/heat rotation and vibrational component have transformed the Thermage experience into something similar to a hot stone massage for the face. Believe it or not, we already have a waiting list for this one!"