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Gretchen Rossi Tells Fox News She is an "Example to Young Girls" and Won't Get Breast Implants


In a Fox News Exclusive today, Gretchen Rossi explained why unlike her co-stars of Real Housewives of Orange County, she doesn't think it sets a good example to have plastic surgery.

Gretchen Rossi Gretchen Rossi recently started "The Gretchen Project" to follow her through her pursuit of beauty. The site states that "Gretchen will find the new, now and next in beauty from leading medical and beauty experts from around the world with the ultimate goal to pass along the pearls of wisdom to the modern day woman."

Gretchen says part of her passion for The Grechen Project was to find alternatives to going under the knife. She stated that she's surrounded by people who've had cosmetic procedures and understands the pressure on women to feel beautiful.

There are several options available in non-surgical breast enhancement but their efficacy is questionable. Many simply work on a placebo effect so it's difficult to judge what's legit and what's not. Options range from breast slapping - which is really an aggressive massage that's found favor in Thailand - to herbal and hormonal medicines to hypnosis. The only truly permanent way to enlarge or reduce the breasts is surgery.

The Gretchen Project broadcasts new episodes every Wednesday beginning September 20, 2009. To read up on the Fox News story, click here.