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So What Became of The Gretchen Project?


Gretchen Rossi, a star of the Real Housewives of Orange County, was in Nice, France this past weekend beginning a new adventure in what she called the Gretchen Project. She was filming there but no updates have been shared on her website yet

gretchen rossiNice, France -- The 5 Continent Conference was held this past weekend at the Palais de la M?diterran?e on C?te d?Azur, in Nice, France. This was to be the beginning of Gretchen Rossi's newest adventure, "The Gretchen Project" where according to her website:

"The Gretchen Project hosted by Gretchen Rossi follows her through her pursuit of beauty. Gretchen will find the new, now and next in beauty from leading medical and beauty experts from around the world with the ultimate goal to pass along the pearls of wisdom to the modern day woman."

While we were looking forward to seeing what tips Gretchen picked up from the experts, there haven't yet been any updates to the site. Currently there is only a note saying "Thanks for all your great questions. Keep them coming! Check back on September 10 as I get answers from the experts!" Hopefully, she can get back soon and let us know about the tips she picked up at the 5 Continent Congress.

Editor's Update: 09/25/09 3:30pm CST -- The Gretchen Project will broadcast a new episode every Wednesday beginning September 20, 2009

Editor's Update: 10/22/09 11:30am CST -- The Gretchen Project has posted new videos.

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