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Zeltiq Receives CE Mark for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction: Now Europeans Can Freeze Their Buns Off... Literally


Requiring only one treatment that strategically lowers the temperature of fat cells, fat is destroyed over a two month period without any incisions, needles, anesthesia or down time

Editor's Note: Zeltiq has received FDA Clearance in the US in September 2010

Nice, France - Zeltiq Aesthetics announced at the 5 Continent Congress of Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine that they have received the European CE Mark approval for non-invasive fat reduction. The Zeltiq is the only technology based on the patented method of Cryolipolysis -- the use of controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate fat cells.


Contrary to the title, the procedure doesn't actually freeze the fat but only lowers the temperature to change the fat from a liquid to a solid, similar to refrigerating butter. Doing so destroys the fat cells slowly so that they can safely be processed by the liver, similar to how you process fat that you eat. There has been a concern with other technologies that destroy fat internally that the body can't handle the large quantity of fat introduced into the lymphatic system all at once. The Zeltiq system has an advantage here because the process happens over several months.

According to Dr. Henry HL Chan, the first physician to commercially introduce the procedure in his dermatology practice in Hong Kong, Zeltiq has quickly become one of the most requested procedures in his clinic due to its ability to gently reduce unwanted fat, love handles and back fat. After treating 60 patients, Dr. Chan reports an 83% satisfaction and significant fat reduction in two to four months following a single Zeltiq procedure.

Dr. Chan has stopped using the UltraShape after more than 12 months because he felt that it gave suboptimal results compared to the Zeltiq.

The Zeltiq is not FDA approved for fat reduction at this time, however, there are some units in the United States where providers are using it off-label or as part of the FDA Trials. Zeltiq systems are available in Asia, Europe, Canada, and the United States.

How much does Zeltiq cost?

You can expect to pay $2,000 to $3,000 per area for the Zeltiq procedure. Love handles or abdomen being one area requiring a two-hour treatment.

What areas can be treated by Zeltiq

Currently, the Zeltiq treats abdomens, love handles & backs. In the future, there may be new handpieces to treat other areas.