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Isolaz: Painless Laser Treatment for Acne


The Isolaz photopneumatic laser has several uses, including a pain free acne treatment.

Many people suffer from serious acne issues and though they've tried treatment after treatment, they still are unable to find relief from their blemishes. Acne can damage more than just the skin, it is hard on the self confidence as well.

isolaz before and after on the doctors

Now there's hope for those who've tried medications to no avail, the Isolaz treatment. Using gentle suction combined with laser therapy, the Isolaz treatment clears pores without pain and kills the acne causing bacteria. According to the manufacturer, Aesthera, it is the only painless laser acne treatment as well as the only system that truly deep cleans the pores from the inside out. In addition, it has received approval from the FDA for the treatment of both comedonal and postular acne.

The vacuum treatment is able to pull the pores closer to the light source so that the patient receives a truly targeted treatment. Patients see an immediate improvement with pimples visibly reduced within just one to two days. Also, the amount of oil produced by the skin is reduced after just one treatment.

The cost and number of treatments needed varies greatly depending on the area being treated, the kind of acne, and the severity of the acne issues. Isolaz has been found to be effective on people who've tried other treatments with no luck and can be used on all skin types.

Before treatment, the skin is hydrated. The provider then places the treatment tip on the skin and the patient will feel a warm sensation as it is being used. It is fast with only about 20 minutes needed for treatment. 100% of patients report no pain and liken the sensation to a warm massage.

Isolaz has been featured on "The Doctors" and "The Today Show," as well as in several popular magazines around the world including "New Beauty" and "O: The Oprah Magazine."