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Fractional Resurfacing Treatment for Melasma Gains Popularity


The Palomar 1540 laser offers relief for melasma sufferers.

Orlando, FL, August 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- If you live with melasma; excess pigmentation of the face, most commonly on the malar area (the upper cheek), bridge of nose, forehead, and upper lip, that occurs in half of women during pregnancy then you know the aggravation of trying to cover the pigment up with make-up, and with topical treatments that are ineffective. Now, fractional skin resurfacing with the Palomar 1540 makes huge long-lasting improvements for clients with Melasma.

image of neck and face

A recent study was done at the Aesthetica Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center to determine the efficacy of the Star Lux 1540 in treating melasma, both short and long term. In the study 6 patients were evaluated and assessed with the Wood's light to classify melasma as epidermal, dermal, or mixed. Each patient had before and after pictures taken and was treated with the 1540 hand-piece every 3 weeks for 3 to four treatments. The results proved that the pigmentation was significantly lightened, and all patients showed an average of a 50% improvement of their melasma pigment and the improvement was long lasting over the follow-up in months to come.

Winter Park Laser has been expertly performing the Fractional 1540 for over 2 years. The 1540 fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing uses an array of hundreds of high-precision micro-beams to create narrow, deep columns of tissue coagulation in the epidermis and dermis, while leaving the stratum corneum in place and tissue surrounding the coagulated columns unaffected. These columns of coagulation stimulate the body's natural healing response, causing new, healthy tissue to form in the epidermis and dermis, thus reducing the excess pigmentation associated with Melasma. Palomar Fractional is similar to Fraxel, but goes much deeper (a full millimeter deep) giving a better result.

Winter Park Laser is a medical spa in Orlando and has expertly performed cosmetic procedures for over five years under the direct medical supervision of Jan V. Karlin M.D. Winter Park Laser is located at 610 N Wymore Rd. Winter Park FL, 32789. Call (407) 622-2251ext2 for more information.