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Top UK Macrolane Breast Surgeon Joins Riverbanks Clinic


Multi-award winning non-surgical cosmetic clinic Riverbanks has announced that leading Macrolane Breast Specialist Surgeon Miss Jonquille Chantrey has joined the team at Riverbanks to provide Macrolane breast enhancements.

Harpenden, Bedfordshire (PRWEB) May 29, 2009 -- Miss Chantrey, who is thought to be one of the UK's top Macrolane Breast Specialist Surgeons, has already started consulting with patients at Riverbanks Clinic and will head up Macrolane breast enhancement procedures at the Clinic.

Dr Jain, Medical Director at Riverbanks Clinic is delighted that Miss Chantrey has joined the consulting team and believes that her skills and expertise match the ethos of the Harpenden-based Clinic perfectly, which recently scooped 'Best New Clinic' and 'Best Business Development' at the Aesthetic Medicine Awards.

"Riverbanks Clinic prides itself on delivering the very best treatments for patients and with the rise in demand for Macrolane breast enhancements, along with the mixed press on the subject, we wanted our patients to be totally comfortable and confident in opting for Macrolane breast enhancements at Riverbanks and Miss Chantrey is certainly one of the best," says Dr Jain.

Macrolane is the first hyaluronic acid product developed to naturally restore or adding volume to the body, providing instant, long-lasting results without invasive surgery and the associated downtime time or risks. It is a thicker gel than Restylane and is used for body aesthetics rather than facial aesthetics. It therefore creates greater volume with slower absorption. MRI studies have proven that Macrolane lasts for about 18 months, but that a top-up should be injected at about 12 months when roughly half the product has absorbed.

Macrolane hit the headlines recently after journalist Alice Hart Davis reported on her 'lumpy and uneven' injectable Macrolane breast enhancements, but Dr Jain reassuringly advises that although there are risks with this type of procedure, they are minimal.

"All cosmetic procedures carry a small element of risk with them, but for the majority of women, Macrolane provides an extremely affordable and less invasive way to achieve a fuller bust. Regardless of the treatment needed, I always advise my patients to seek out a surgeon who has performed that particular procedure recently and many times over, which is why we felt Miss Chantrey was the best choice for our patients," adds Dr Jain.

The award-winning Riverbanks Clinic is one of the UK's leading clinics for non-surgical cosmetic and dermatological treatments. Formerly the Luton Skin Clinic, the prestigious Riverbanks Clinic helps men and women to turn back the clock, with the help of the very latest safe, non-surgical, highly effective anti-aging skin treatments. The clinic also specialises in treating skin problems such as acne and Roseaca.

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