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Dr. Bill Johnson Receives The Newest, Upgraded 2009 Fraxel Re:Store


Dr. Bill Johnson, of Innovations Medspa, 1st in Dallas/Fort Worth with the newest, upgraded 2009 generation Fraxel Re:store.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 9, 2009 - Dr. Bill Johnson's Innovations MedSpa, a national leader in aesthetic medicine, announced it has taken delivery of the first 2009 upgraded Fraxel Re:store laser resurfacing device. The new technology will allow Innovations Medspa to treat specific skin conditions without downtime that previously was not possible.

Dr. Johnson is experienced in fractionated laser technology and was the first physician outside of FDA trials to offer SmartXide Dot CO2 fractionated laser procedures in the United States.

"The 2009 Generation Fraxel Re:Store will allow us to provide a laser resurfacing treatment for the patient that cannot afford downtime from work, but still wants great results that fractionated laser delivers." - Dr. Bill Johnson

Current fractionated CO2 laser (SmartXide Dot), is performed as a 1 treatment procedure. Because of this, the patient takes on a few days of social downtime due to the redness, and peeling.

Fraxel Re:store, however, gives a second option to the patient that is ok with doing 4 quick treatments instead of 1, meaning they can return for the ease of no downtime.

"Patients can come in on their lunch break and return to work immediately afterwards. It opens up a whole new aesthetic ballgame." - Dr. Bill Johnson

About Dr. Johnson & Innovations MedSpa

Founded in 2005, Dr. Johnson's Innovations MedSpa has been at the forefront of the medspa industry by offering the newest aesthetics technology to the nation.

Among other firsts, Dr Johnson is currently the first in the U.S. outside FDA trials to offer SmartXide Dot Therapy, one of the first doctors in the world to introduce Thermage DC, and the first in the U.S. to offer Acoustic Wave Therapy for cellulite treatment.

Dr. Johnson was also the first doctor to bring SmartLipo laser-based liposuction to North Texas and is a physician trainer for SmartLipo.

Dr. Johnson brings his years of experience as an internist to provide extremely safe esthetic procedures and has cleared patients for surgery for more than 25 years. Dr. Johnson is a regular contributor to "Good Morning Texas", the leading morning show in the DFW area.

He was chosen among all the aesthetic practices to appear on the National Medical Report (NMR) hosted by Hugh Downs. The report centers on procedures Baby Boomers are having done to combat aging. NMR appears on CNN, PBS, MSNBC, and several other networks.

He is also a featured expert on ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS.

Dr. Johnson is a member of the Texas Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, the American Medical Association, American College of Physician Executives, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery and Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. For more information, please visit http://www.InnovationsMedspa.com

About Fraxel (part of Solta Medical, SLTM)

In 2001, a group of prominent laser scientists, clinicians and business executives came together with a shared vision. They would create a new science to fulfill the promise of laser medicine.

Smarter solutions and no more hype. Instead, they vowed to bring a new intelligence to solve the problems of aging and sun-damaged skin.

This Reliant team pioneered a science called fractional photothermolysis. That science, when combined with Reliant's advanced, proprietary technology, resulted in the breakthrough Fraxel laser treatment. Fraxel laser systems deliver high efficacy and fast recovery - a combination that simply didn't exist before.

Today, the Fraxel laser brand is considered the gold standard in non-invasive laser skin resurfacing - among physicians and patients alike. With more than 395,000 treatments performed, Fraxel has an unparalleled record of research, FDA clearances, proven results and physician endorsements. www.solta.com