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MAsterTuck - Large volume fat removal without the need for a tummy tuck – Now that's a cutting edge stimulus plan


Go from Size 22 to 12, or from 12 to 4. If you’ve spent a long time doing everything you can to shed those large pounds around your trunk and haven’t done well with it, you might now be able to get rid of it at the speed of sound.

An inventive and skilled physician in New York, Dr. Mokhtar Asaadi, has adapted VASER, the remarkable ultrasound liposuction technology that's become all the rave within the plastic surgery world, to remove large amounts of fat in one procedure.

Incredibly, because of VASER's natural skin tightening properties, he's developed his servicemarked procedure to eliminate the need for a follow-up abdominoplasty, or "tummy tuck." This makes Dr. Asaadi's MAsterTuck (SM) procedure wholly unique in the world.

MAsterTuck has proven to be a safe procedure with predictable and significant skin contraction. It's for healthy patients, providing astonishingly smooth results. It's common for patients to go from size 20 to size 12 rather quickly as the procedure eliminates the apron of fat that commonly resides around the body.

Traditional liposuction does not shrink the skin and it's unable to remove the fat in fibrous areas of the body like the back and flanks. It's also incapable of giving the same tailored shape and natural contoured look achieved with VASER.

There is no other technology or device in the industry that retracts skin in these large volume fat removal cases like VASER.

Photo of Dr. Asaadi's before and after photos of VASER For years, large fat removal cases done with the old liposuction methods left the remaining skin very prominent. And because the older liposuction blades obliterate all the good surrounding tissues -- veins, nerves and importantly, the skin's collagen-- a tummy tuck was required to remove the excess skin and to give definition to the body.

But in using VASER, Dr. Asaadi has developed his servicemarked technique so a more severe and costly tummy tuck isn't required. With over 150 successful MAsterTuck procedures behind him, consistency of results makes Dr. Asaadi a very popular man amongst his patients.

"All other liposuction techniques obliterate the body's natural skin tightening building blocks in these large volume cases. They literally wipe out the key structures that surround fat deposits. Using the ultrasound of VASER, the important cellular scaffoldings of the body are left in place to allow VASER's skin tightening properties to eliminate the need for a tummy tuck all together," says Dr. Asaadi.

There are two super stars here. Dr. Asaadi has put together an amazing capability. His knowledge of the various fat and skin layer structures used in combination with the magic provided by VASER's ultrasound lets him preserve the body's key skin tightening resources while he precisely whisks away large fat deposits.

Image of 2 viles of fat from liposuction and VASER

Since VASER's ultrasound action is so gentle, blood loss is miniscule when comparing it to the old traditional form of liposuction? an astounding 7.5 times less. The body is therefore far less traumatized letting it heal faster with much less pain and far less post-operative aggravation.

VASER Lipo System is a highly advanced technology, using roughly half the energy of other ultrasound systems to emulsify the same amount of fat. VASER reduces the risk of thermal complications such as fibrosis and seroma.

And VASER's solid titanium probes provide more efficient delivery of ultrasound energy, enabling the use of smaller probes and smaller incisions.

So who is a good candidate for Dr. Asaadi's revolutionary MAsterTuck procedure? You're in luck if you're in reasonably good health, have at least a minimal fitness routine and are not a heavy smoker.

It's for men and women, as well as truncal obesity patients. You must not have weak abdominal muscles; so recent moms are not candidates.

The magnitude of MAsterTuck has proven to be a one-of-a-kind, life altering procedure.

The vast majority of MAsterTuck patients have been stimulated to lead a healthier lifestyle when it comes to diet and fitness. And they all like their new contoured look without the extended scar of a tummy tuck.

Dr. Asaadi's website is at: www.asaadiplasticsurgery.com/ VASER's site is found at: www.vaser.com