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Vaser Hi Def LipoSculpture patients have been overwhelmingly satisfied with their results


Michelangelo would be proud. VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture now enables David-like bodies to be sculpted by highly trained and artistically talented physicians.

As Michelangelo toiled with a hammer and chisel to carve his famous statue of David, surely he never considered that one day the degree of beauty and detail in his masterpiece could be accomplished on a living human being. Before and after photos of Vaser Hi Def

But he set the standards for a well-formed sculpture for all time, and through the magic of VASER technology, highly trained and artistically talented physicians are now able to bring this extremely toned and athletic vision to reality.

VASER Hi Def LipoSculture uses 3rd generation ultra-sound technology to gently sculpt a reasonably fit body to achieve the ultimate look clearly sculpted 6-pack abs, impeccable pecks, tight arms, buttocks and breasts, firmly defined and magnificent musculature and all.

The key to VASER Hi Def is not only what fat is removed, but what is left behind.

Just as Michelangelo carved with marble, the physician carves with fat.

The extreme definition is what sets VASER Hi Def apart. It is most often performed on fit people who work out and lead a healthy lifestyle. Most people can't afford to work out daily for long periods of time to achieve their ultimate body vision. But now with VASER Hi Def they can have it.

Models on the covers of body builder magazines have been known to have this procedure performed so they can land those lucrative cover model assignments.

So VASER Hi Def is the perfect solution for those who work hard on their bodies but simply can't achieve the ultimate "chiseled" look they crave.

VASER technology is uniquely suited for this task as its gentle use of fat-popping sound waves emulsify just the fatty tissue identified by the sculptor er surgeon for removal, leaving all other good tissue essentially in tact.

This allows the surgeon to be as aggressive as is needed to accomplish the high definition results. Veins, nerves, and good tissue remain as they must, resulting in a good patient healing experience as well. Image of David Von Michelangelo

Minimally invasive probes leave little if any scars, and miniscule blood loss enables quick healing. Many of the procedures are amazingly done using local anesthesia to reduce the inherent risks of general anesthesia.

VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture patients have been overwhelmingly satisfied with their results.

For many, having had the procedure done provides additional incentive to live a healthy lifestyle and to eat a healthy diet. It's not a replacement for a fitness routine.

Physicians who perform VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture undergo an intense training. They combine their artistic talents with their medical training. Dr. John Millard of Denver, CO is the head VASER Hi Def trainer.

He's become respected internationally for his role in creating the quality of standards and excellence required by such an extreme capability.

Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogata, Columbia originated the technique.

VASER technology is also used in a regular form of liposuction, called VASER LipoSelection.

VASER has recently been deemed a "quantum leap forward" in the science of liposuction by a group of physicians who participated in an industry roundtable conference.

FDA approved VASER is now performed by over 900 physicians across the U.S. and growing, and is being vastly adopted around the world. Remarkably, VASER is also being discovered as a solution for Gynecomastia and Hyperhidrosis, as well as for large volume cases.

VASER is a product of Sound Surgical Technologies LLC.

To view a highly informative video on the VASER technolgy, go to: http://custom.understand.com/VASER/

And for more information, visit www.vaser.com, and http://www.bodevolve.com/