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USA Today: Radiesse For Non Surgical Nose Job


USA Today reported on January 25, 2007 on the injectable filler Radiesse for non surgical nose job. Radiesse is not permanent but lasts up to or over a year, so for many patients who do not want to spend the $10,000 for a traditional rhinoplasty or who are uncomfortable with the idea of undergoing surgery, Radiesse is a terrific option for filling in small indentations or correcting asymmetry.

Dr. Cameron Rokhsar of New York, a dermatologist who has been using Radiesse on the nose for some time, explains that the procedure is risk free, takes only 15 minutes, and costs only $1500. Because no recovery time is necessary, Radiesse could be a very useful short term solution.

The report also quoted Minneapolis plastic surgeon Peter Hilger, the president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, who warns that for those who desire a smaller nose, Radiesse may not be the best option.

Dr. Alexander Rivkin of Los Angeles was the first physician in the United States to use Radiesse for non surgical rhinoplasty.

Dr. Rivkin's non surgical nose job takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to perform. A topical numbing cream is applied to the top of the nose. Restylane or Radiesse (according to your preference) is injected to fill depressions, smooth out sharp angles, or change the angle of the tip of the nose, restoring symmetry and making your nose appear smaller and more attractive.

During the procedure you will have the opportunity to look at yourself in a mirror and have control over the results.

Dr. Rivkin says that the non-surgical nose job can also be a great way to "test drive" a nose job before going through with surgical rhinoplasty.