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ABC Good Morning America Discusses UltraShape - A Procedure to Get Rid of Fat Without Surgery


New Technique is described on January 5, 2009 as "Blasting Inches Off" your waist, hips and thighs without surgery on Good Morning America

Ultra Shape on GMA
UltraShape is not FDA approved in the US yet and is only available overseas or in Canada. In the program, patients were reporting losses of 2 to 3 inches after a series of three treatments.

Like all targeted fat reduction procedures, UltraShape is not a "weight loss" procedure, it is for targeted spot fat reduction in areas like love handles, saddle bags, the muffin top and abdomen, etc.

Since UltraShape may not be available in the United States for several years, patients might be interested in other minimally invasive spot fat reduction procedures like Laser Lipolysis, ie. SmartLipo, the ZERONA laser, VASER LipoSelection or Lipodissolve (injection lipolysis).