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KXAN in Austin Features Nikolaidis on Fraxel Laser Procedures


According to Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis, an Austin, Texas dermatologist, when Fraxel Laser procedures first came out about a year and a half ago, it was to be a treatment for wrinkles and sun damage. Fraxel turned out to be the perfect solution for skin conditions like acne scarring and melasma, two problems that were almost impossible to resolve before Fraxel came along.

Previously, doctors experienced difficulty treating acne scarring, for instance, with traditional approaches like abrasion therapies and conventional laser procedures with minimal results. In the KXAN feature, Nikolaidis says that the new Fraxel Laser procedure may not appear to be a grand approach, but its results are shining new light on dermatological treatments. The Austin, Texas dermatologist noted that he quickly discovered its value compared to other laser treatments. He noted that laser procedures tend to remove the top layers of skin when scars go much deeper. Nikolaidis believes that Fraxel Laser if different.

Fraxel treats skin with thousands of microthermal columns, replacing the more invasive burning process of earlier treatments, and his Austin patients are believers. There is little wound healing and risk of infection, and the cost is nominal compared to other cosmetic treatment, running around $2,500 for about six treatments.