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New Liposuction Procedures Reviewed at American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Annual Meeting in Orlando


Body-Jet, AccuSculpt, SmoothLipo and SlimLipo are just a few of the new Liposuction devices we reviewed at the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery's (ASDS) Annual Meeting

New laser liposysis devices for performing minimally invasive liposuction were introduced this past weekend at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting in Orlando Florida.

Lutronic has released the AccuSculpt Laser Assisted Lipolysis device. According to the company, the new Laser Lipolysis device AccuSculpt is now FDA approved. The AccuSculpt is the first patented 1444 nm Nd:YAG laser system. The AccuSculpt features a high efficiency, tissue specific wavelength, rapid treatment time and minimal collatoral thermal damage.

Another new alternative to the traditional liposuction procedure which we discovered at ASDS was the Body-Jet. The Body-Jet is a Water-Assisted Lipoplasty device for body contouring. The Body Jet has a an optional AquaShape LipoCollector which can be used for fat harvesting to be used in a fat transfer procedure.

SmoothLipo is a new laser lipolysis device by the makers of the popular SmoothShapes device. It will be interesting to see a workshop on the SmoothLipo and before and after photos. Laser Lipolysis is one of the hottest new procedures this year and there are now several devices on the market which offer alternative solutions to physicians and patients based on their individual needs.

ASDS was also our introductiion to the SlimLipo Laser by Palomar. The SLIM Procedure stands for Selective Laser Induced Melting) using the Palomar SlimLipo Laser for body sculpting.