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Aesthera Announces Breakthrough Technology Synergizing Photopneumatic Treatments with Topical Delivery


Aesthera Corporation today announced that it will unveil its Profusion Skin Therapy (Isolaz Pro System)

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov 04, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ - Profusion Skin Therapy introduced at the 2008 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Annual Meeting

Aesthera Corporation today announced that it will unveil its Profusion Skin Therapy (Isolaz Pro System) to physicians attending the 2008 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting in Orlando, FL this week. Profusion is a breakthrough skin therapy that combines the proven clinical benefits of Photopneumatic (Photo=light and Pneumatic=vacuum) light treatments with the delivery of Aesthera's proprietary therapeutic skincare to symbiotically enhance clinical outcomes for skin rejuvenation and acne treatments.

Profusion employs a two step process that comprises (i) using Aesthera's Photopneumatic treatments to mechanically cleanse the sebaceous gland and treat the target with light, and (ii) using the Profusion applicator to deliver proprietary therapeutic materials into the skin for much enhanced outcomes. Profusion Skin Therapy is a novel 15-minute painless treatment that does not require anesthetics or numbing creams.

"Profusion Skin Therapy is a truly revolutionary approach in aesthetic medicine where a fusion of exceptional science and clinical outcomes make it one of our most requested treatments," says Vic Narurkar, MD, Director of the Bay Area Laser Institute in San Francisco, CA, and principal investigator of a clinical study on Profusion Skin Therapy. "This presents a new technique to infuse therapeutic skin treatments into the skin for significant clinical results," says Fredric Brandt, MD, a dermatologist who has performed over 1,000 Profusion treatments at his New York and Miami practices.

"Profusion Skin Therapy is a quantum advance for patients who can now benefit from the powerful clinical synergy between Photopneumatic light treatments and a novel topical delivery mechanism for an effective and clinically proven in office treatment," adds Alon Maor, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Aesthera Corporation.

Overcomes the Challenges of Topical Application

Profusion Skin Therapy overcomes the challenges of topical application using a novel mechanism. The Profusion Applicator uses a vacuum to stretch the epidermis by expanding the space between various cells of the stratum corneum and elevating the sebaceous gland closer to the skin's surface. While in this stretched condition, proprietary therapeutic topical skincare is applied to the surface of the skin in ways that overcome traditional challenges of topical application such as (i) depth of penetration of the material, (ii) uniform distribution, (iii) sufficient material delivered into the skin and (iv) absorption speed.

Provides well established clinical benefits of Photopneumatic Technology.

Photopneumatic Therapy, that powers the Isolaz and Isolaz Pro system, is a proprietary combination of pneumatic energy and broad band light. Photopneumatic devices are the only laser or light based devices cleared for the treatment of inflammatory acne, comedonal acne and pustular acne. They are also cleared for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

Photopneumatic treatments have an immediate visible impact on acne 24 to 48 hours post first treatment and are painless. Facial treatments take approximately 10 minutes, require no anesthetics or numbing creams and provide additional cosmetic benefits such as smoother appearing skin. Additionally, Photopneumatic Therapy is also cleared for the treatment of benign vascular and pigmented lesions and hair removal.

For more information on Profusion Skin Therapy and Isolaz Light Treatments, visit www.ISOLAZ.com

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About Aesthera Corporation

Aesthera ( www.AESTHERA.com) develops, manufactures and markets light-based aesthetic treatment systems based on proprietary Photopneumatic technology.

Clinically proven to be pain-free and up to seven times faster than currently available light-based aesthetic systems, Aesthera's revolutionary systems combine the proven properties of therapeutic light with gentle pneumatic energy to more effectively work on dermal and epidermal skin targets.