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Reliant Launches Fraxel SR1500 Laser


Mountain View, CA - August 14, 2006 Reliant Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of the Fraxel SR1500 laser, the latest innovation in aesthetic laser medical technology. The Fraxel SR1500 laser combines proprietary advancements in optical technology with medical software offering physicians a treatment option that penetrates up to 30 percent deeper, delivering consistent dosage control and optimizing lesion depths. This leap in technology provides patients a safe and effective, non-invasive treatment option for skin conditions ranging from mild sun damage to severe acne scarring.

The Fraxel SR1500 laser marks the first expansion of the Fraxel family of lasers, launched in Fall 2004. With the initial Fraxel launch, Reliant created a new category in anti-aging, collagen remodeling and skin resurfacing. The product provides a highly effective, predictable and safe non-ablative treatment for patients with acne scarring, melasma or hormonal skin discoloration, periorbital wrinkles and sun and age spots. The launch of the Fraxel laser represented an industry breakthrough for its ability to penetrate fractions of skin, spot by spot, without breaking the skin?s protective outer barrier. The result is natural stimulation of new collagen without the fear of downtime and risks associated with traditional ablative treatments.

Today?s launch of the Fraxel SR1500 laser brings to market another breakthrough in aesthetic skin treatment by optimizing the laser delivery technology and accompanying medical software. With the newly designed Optical Zoom hand control system, for the first time physicians can penetrate up to 1.0 millimeters below the skin surface with precise dosage control. Deeper penetration provides a greater catalyst for natural generation of new collagen to promote self healing and remodeling.

Len DeBenedictis, president and CEO of Reliant Technologies, said the continued development of the family of Fraxel lasers responds to a rapidly growing consumer demand for safe, effective and predictable skin treatment options.

"There were more than 7 million aesthetic laser treatments performed in the US last year, and that number is expected to double by 2010. Whether we suffer from serious skin problems or simply want to feel better about how we look as we age, we want options. We want a treatment we know delivers results with the least amount of recovery time and the lowest risk of side effects," said DeBenedictis.

"For the Fraxel SR1500 laser our engineers and scientists set out to accomplish two breakthrough goals," DeBenedictis added. "First, we wanted to achieve maximum efficiency in dosage control. Second, we wanted to optimize the lesion we deliver. In our continued efforts to invest in best practices, we have a product that enables physicians to deliver both consistent dosage control and optimal lesion depth resulting in a predictable treatment for every patient every time."

Fraxel SR1500 laser features and benefits include:

  • Telescoping zoom lens that allows the software to automatically optimize lesion depth
  • Minimizes unnecessary bulk heating of the skin, reducing side-effects such as hyperpigmentation
  • Dosage control
  • Allows the physician to choose the optimal treatment plan for the patient
  • A smart treatment control engine
  • Calculates the depth of penetration and dosage delivery based on physicians? selection of energy and treatment level
  • A lighter ergonomic handpiece
  • Provides greater ease of use to the physician
  • Enhanced tracking performance (30x faster updates)
  • Provides smooth, consistent, uniform pattern delivery
  • New operating system with an expandable and upgradeable platform
  • Supports future enhancements
  • Redesigned high-resolution graphic user interface with new software engine
  • Providing real-time measurement data, requiring no more calculations, graphs or look up tables by the physician

    The new software engine is driven by a sophisticated algorithm that allows the physician to optimize or more precisely focus on specific areas of repair while controlling the collimated depth of penetration. This algorithm refers to a database populated with data from thousands of histology slides that determines the most appropriate lesion depth and width based on the settings selected by the physician. The result is a greater ability to customize treatment to the one, or in many cases, several different areas of concern for each patient with the touch of a button.

    The results of clinical trials studying 50 subjects treated over seven months with the Fraxel SR1500 laser showed that treatment at higher energy levels with more precise focus on smaller fractions of skin had multiple benefits for patients. The procedure provided a 75 percent improvement of acne scars, surgical scars and deep wrinkles, as reported by subjects and independent evaluators. Subjects were followed for three months after their last treatment. Deeper penetration led to greater volume of tissue treated. Efficiency of the laser resulted in reduced risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, observed during the clinical trial by the overseeing physician, Dr. Zakia Rahman.

    "We have seen enhanced clinical efficacy in field tests of the Fraxel SR 1500 laser," said Dr. Rahman. "Patients noted a comfortable treatment with virtually no interruption in their daily activities and no reported complications."

    About the Fraxel Lasers and Reliant Technologies The Fraxel laser family has quickly become the industry standard for aesthetic laser skin treatment. Because of its gentle, non-invasive approach to skin resurfacing, Fraxel lasers are safe and effective in treating all skin types and all areas of the face and body. The Fraxel laser has received clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of pigmented lesions, melasma, periorbital wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, skin resurfacing and soft tissue coagulation. The Fraxel SR1500 laser has a pending clearance for treatment of acne scars and surgical scars.

    Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Reliant Technologies develops clinical solutions to repair and rejuvenate aging and environmentally damaged skin. Reliant is dedicated to providing the most advanced research, engineering and products to the global aesthetic marketplace.