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Our bodies age at different rates. The benefit of living in this century is that technology and science have allowed us various methods of adjusting that number. The goal of anti-aging medicine is to invest in preventing illness early on, so that your middle and older years can be vigorous and productive. You are not destined to lead the same existence as the generation before you.

Because the focus of health care in this country is devoted mainly to healing the sick, the majority of our health care costs are spent on illnesses that affect only those at the end of their life. Many physicians are tired of this trend, and some have decided to do something about it. Anti-aging medicine is a key tool in the fight against time.

Being healthy later in life means a lot more than not being sick. Anti-aging medicine is a broad description for many different preventive and aesthetic kinds of medical care. Each physician will have different methods for promoting good health, so it's important to talk with your physician about their philosophy of anti-aging medicine. Find a doctor who makes you feel comfortable with discussing your entire health situation and has remedies and methods that are appropriate for your lifestyle and goals.

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